A global network covers all of Neo Faerun. The This network is used heavily daily to pass information to and from just about anywhere. For most people in the standard working class this means logging into secure connections on computers within the corporations they work for. All traffic from these terminals is heavily monitored and regulated with digital identification.

Outside of work nearly every house has access to the network at large to browse sites, stream entertainment services, and do a lot of shopping. It ties together home security devices, home networks, and even most weapons have minor connections to this network.

Accessing RAIN

Most home or work devices have moderate interfaces into this network. Some more technologically savvy people also have visual interfaces that would create a HUD for the network as you walk. These are both fairly unobscure ways to interface with the system. There is a much deeper layer to this network that the most deft hackers resort to. You can directly access the network with a neural connection that builds the world into physical representations that you exist inside of.

Remote Access

If you use a regular terminal or HUD display for the net you have remote access to it. You can search, find, buy, and most standard actions. You can do moderate hacking with this interface, and can still remain fairly vigilant. If you use a HUD for access you may be at disadvantage for perception of the world around, but if you are kicked out of the access you won’t be bothered much by it. Direct access is more tricky and risky.

Direct Access

If you have a required neural interface for a terminal (either desktop or mobile data device), you can push your consciousness into RAIN and see the world in a physical representation of everything around you. This allows you to traverse the network in a more profound way and attempt to hack into major systems and databanks you may need to access.

When you are in this interface you are blind and deaf to the rest of the world, though you can see any linked devices, and attempt to hack and take control of any functionality they may offer. For doors this generally includes opening, closing, and locking. For cars this could be starting, stopping, routing a path via GPS, or affecting controls on the interior of the car.

If you are detected by other users in this method there is the possability you could be booted from the system. If this happens you could end up taking damage if you are forced out of the network without proper disconnection.

Using RAIN

To use rain a player may use an action during combat to query something, make intelligence checks to find information in the system, or hack into the system with intelligence checks. They can also access it outside by hacking and searching for data or access points.

…During Combat

There may be times during structured combat time you may need to access RAIN for some reason. Maybe you want to try and hack an enemy’s weapon to overload it, maybe you need someone to try and hack open a door while the others fend off the enemies. These checks will require the person accessing RAIN to use their action to connect to RAIN. On the turn they access, if they have not moved at all they may also use a bonus action to roll the test they are trying to succeed at.

If the player has moved during the round before trying to access RAIN they must wait until the next round. They may then use action and bonus action (one or both if they wish) to attempt to hack whatever they are attempting to hack.

If a player is directly connected to RAIN while hacking they will be able to apply double their proficiency bonus, even if they are not proficient in hacking tools. When they use their action to connect however they will follow all rules of being directly connected to RAIN.

A directly connected player may also make free intelligence checks to search for data or other possible options available to them. The GM will fill in these details depending on difficulty.

…Out of Combat

Outside of combat accessing RAIN is generally safer. Players may query the network for information using Intelligence checks, and can even hack into more secure systems by rolling other intelligence checks for hacking. A similar rule applies if you directly connect, instead of remote, you will be able to use double your proficiency bonus.

If you are out of combat but a hostile entity spots you in RAIN it may trigger an initiative roll and combat time as they try to boot you from RAIN.

Being Booted

Once a character enters into direct connection with RAIN they have 5 RP (RAIN points). Failing hacking checks, or having other entities notice you will take away from your current RP. If you ever reach 0 you are forcefully booted from the system and will take 1d4 psychic damage per character level. If you attempt to disconnect when down to 1 RP you will take 1d4 psychic damage.

Losing RP

Anytime you attempt to hack a system, if you fail the DC roll you will lose 1 RP. If an opposing force inside RAIN attempts to boot you they will make an intelligence attack against your passive intelligence, which is 10 + Intelligence Modifier + Proficiency Bonus, if you are proficient with hacking tools. If they hit you you will lose 1 RP.

At anytime, you may use an action if you are in combat, or just announce if you are not, that you are disconnecting. This will safely take you out of the system and you may try and access again if you choose. Every time you connect to RAIN you will have 5 RP. However, if something in a system you are hacking has been alerted to your presence you may find the difficulty class for many checks has gone up due to heightened security.

If an attacking force is trying to boot you and rolls a critical hit, you are instantly forcefully booted. Likewise you can defeat those forces instantly with critical rolls.


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