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Welcome To San Waterdeep

The year is 2983 DR. Neo Faerun has become quite a different place. Progress happened day by day. Our buildings grew stronger, taller, more sturdy. New metal smithing techniques led us into a period of progress of which we’ve never seen. Those damn tinkering Gnomes even figured out the damned microprocessor.

Infused with magic, technology has blanketed the world. Soon the same powers that sought the magic of powerful artifacts to rule lands, now sought the power of profits to rule the world. Corporations have divided the city of [San Waterdeep] into sections and vie for control of them. Even damned dragons have risen to power, nearly every corporation is headed by an elder dragon. Their treasure hordes are no longer literal, but are numbers in a bank account. They’ve probably lived long enough to see the entire world progress.

Global networks cover all of Neo Faerun, and even more rural locations have plenty of security and surveillance. A special magic imbues most of the technology as well so this has led to a rise in magic users with techromancy skills. The ability to manipulate technology around them with magic. This has been highly suppressed by security firms working for the corporations in the city. Most times techromancers are given stacked trials and death sentences for even trivial use of their powers if they go against the wishes of a corporation. Though many corps have employed techromancers for their own nefarious uses.

Cosmetic implants, and some cybernetic implants are not completely unheard of, although flashier ones cost far more than smaller utility stuff. Most beings have some form of connected implants, and most of these can be seen on the global net.

These days it’s all a person can do to get a few gold credits transferred over for a job well done, and it’s even more for that job to be a clean one. If you’re lucky you’re not dumping bodies in the harbor, instead you’re slicing terminals to try and swap something more valuable than the treasure chests of old, information.

Humans are probably still one of the more predominant species around, with others filling in various roles they are quite good at, although race doesn’t necessarily determine your social status, being half-orc, or part goblin may give you very detrimental disadvantages in the eyes of many citizens. Prejudices run deep.

The goblins and other more chaotic races are nothing more than thugs, biker gangs, and drug dealers. Running not very organized crime. Though some may aspire to more, it’s a tough crawl out of that pit.

Large corporations and security firms have even hired some of the more villainous creatures, such as the mind flayers to ‘interrogate’ persons of interest to the firm. Though most positions within the corps are fairly respectable mid-level positions there are executives working with teams who are kept under the tightest security and secrecy. These shadowy arms of corporations are generally kept out of the public eye, but then again you aren’t the normal public.

Yours is a merc group working for various contracts, and in varying shades of grey as far as morality is concerned. This doesn’t mean you aren’t noble warriors, but even a noble warrior has to dirty his boots to help people out. The work has been dwindling lately, but with this latest contact, you may just be able to retire from the work and finally take it easy for once.

Home Page

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