Criminal Element

Within the city of San Waterdeep ganger activity is almost non-existent in the primary districts. Head down to Skullport and you may have a different story. Most common street gangs are unorganized and deal in small weapons, drugs, or they may just rob you blind for fun. These factions always come and go and consist mostly of smaller more chaotic creatures. There however exists at least two major criminal organizations.


The Kraken Society have always been ones in Waterdeep to deal in anything shady. They currently have eyes and ears all over San Waterdeep. They are the most prominent, and organized criminal society. They also operate the most noteworthy black market in San Waterdeep. If you are looking for secure firearms, hacked droids, or illegal weapons and body mods, you want to find the Kraken Society. There are even rumors that the original leader of the Kraken Society, Slarkrethel, may still live to this day, but these are more whispered as ghost stories in the night.

The Reds

The Reds, or Red Sashes as they used to be known, are sought out by the corporations not because their illegal activities are evil, but because they act in a much more chaotic good fashion. They exist in more of a rebel form than an organized crime fashion. They seek to do good where they can, but seldom will they follow the letter of the law. If you stay on their good side they can offer safe houses, basic supplies, and even healing services that won’t leave a paper trail.

Criminal Element

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