In the past the factions of Waterdeep vied for power and control, and they still do to this day. Though the control is much less cut and dry. Now split into mega corporations with shadowy research arms, medical experimentation, or dubious security practices, most of these have a small privatized army at their disposal. The 4 largest players in the city are:

Shield Security Systems, Inc.

Shield Security Systems, or just Shield was once the Knights of the Shield, a faction already known for dealing in, and manipulating, information. They now own most of the digital systems within San Waterdeep. If you need to slice your way past a door, or hack into a security system you are generally dealing with Shield tech.

As the second largest power in San Waterdeep they also have a large portion of enforcers walking the streets to keep peace.

SWPD, Inc.

The old city guard became the local police force. Once privatization took over they themselves became a security corporation that works to keep and enforce peace to the best of their capabilities. They are generally lowest on the level of government funding and as such haven’t risen to as much power as the other corporations. They work hard to maintain friendly contact with the public, but have also been accused of many scandals that never seem to produce the proper evidence to prove.

Silver Star Biomedical Corp.

The Silver Stars, once the charitable clerics of the city of Waterdeep have become the largest sellers of medical implants and enhancements, as well as pharmaceuticals and surgical supplies. You can’t take a scratch, or lose a limb without putting some money into the pocket of the Silver Star Biomedical Corp to get it fixed.

Grey Ballistics Corp.

The Grey Hands, a once powerful force for good have fallen over the decades. After a power struggle for control the Grey Hands simply became weapons dealers and manufacturers. Where once they did good, now they sell the weapons that help you to do good. Unfortunately, they are often less particular about who the buyer is. Many shady dealings have brought them to power over a good portion of San Waterdeep. You will seldom see a gun in the city that doesn’t have the Grey Ballistics logo stamped all over it.


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