With a new class of weapons followed a new class of armor. Now a focus on firearms has become common place and armor became more easily concealable for the average merc.

Armor Properties

Damage Reduction (DR). If hit with this type of damage remove the damage reduction number from the final rolled damage for that weapon.

Light Armor List

Armor Cost AC Stealth Weight Properties
Heavy Coat 11 + Dex Disadv. 6 lb.
Leather Jacket 11 + Dex 4 lb.
Light Undercover Shirt 11 + Dex 2 lb. DR/2 ballistic
Kevlar Lined Coat 12 + Dex 8 lb. DR/2 ballistic
Undercover Vest 13 + Dex 3 lb. DR/2 ballistic

Medium Armor List

Armor Cost AC Str Stealth Weight Properties
Concealable Vest 13 + Dex (max 3) 4 lb. DR/3 ballistic
Light-Duty Vest 14 + Dex (max 4) 8 lb. DR/3 ballistic
Tactical Vest 15 + Dex (max 3) Str 10 Disadv. 10 lb. Resistance: ballistic

Heavy Armor List

Armor Cost AC Str Stealth Weight Properties
Special Response Vest 15 Str 10 Disadv. 15 lb. Resistance: ballistic
Land Warrior Armor 17 Str 13 Disadv. 10 lb. DR/5 ballistic/slashing
Forced Entry Unit 18 Str 13 Disadv. 20 lb. Resistance: ballistic/slashing


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