Adventuring Gear

This is basic gear you can find at most legitimate and black market businesses. This list is in no way exhaustive and only represents those which look a bit different in Neo Faerun.

Gear List

Item Cost Weight
Antitoxin Stim 50 gc
Healing Stim 100 gc
Spell Datapad 50 gc 1 lb.
Triage Kit 5 gc 3 lb.

Gear Descriptions

Stims. A stim is a small injectable vial that will gain certain benefits when used. The effect depends on the style of stim. During combat a player may use an action to inject a stim.

Antitoxin Stim. Once injected this stim with give a creature advantage on saving throws against poison for 1 hour. Undead or Constructs can not gain a benefit from this.

Healing Stim. The character that is injected with this stim immediately regains 2d4 + 2 hit points.

Spell Datapad. Essential for wizards and gunmages, a spell datapad is a special datapad that has enough space to record up to 100 spells.

Adventuring Gear

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